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Get Free From Your Past

Host By: Maven Communications Pte Ltd

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Often what holds us back in life is not what others have done to us but what we feel we have done with others. This weekend is devoted to clearing the mind of those things we think we have done to others or failed to do for others. We unknowingly carry a lot of these emotions within us that block our success in life. The aim is to release these things so we are free of them and we can move on in life. 

Many of us have some form of challenge that they have struggle with. We will be working deeply on many areas in life that that may be challenging. These include Power, Money and Relationships. Participants will be guided through the process by a trained facilitator. 

The benefits of attending the “Get Free From Your Past” Weekend 

- Clarity about things in your life that you wish you had done 

- Releasing emotions around areas in your life you wish you had done more 

- Releasing guilt around things you have done you feel badly about 

- Releasing long-held emotions around areas in your life you wish you had done better 

- Clarify areas of your life which you feel stuck in 

Within an unusually short amount of time, participants can move past frozen or paralysing states and embrace new and innovative ways to approach their lives. This is an amazing gift for yourself and those you love, to take you deeper and integrate truth and authenticity into your life. 

Get Free From Your Past Weekend 

Location: Online (Zoom link given only after confirmation and payment made) 

Dates: 7 - 8 August 2021 (Saturday and Sunday) 9:30am - 9:30pm 

Investment: S$888 per person (minimum of 6 participants to start - group discounts available)

Register today and give yourself and your loved ones the gift of a freer you. Bring a friend or family member along and share the gift. Friends and family rates available. 

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